Brush Beauty Concierge will be coming back to Arlington every Thursday from 25th January offering an array of treatments in the Marketing Suite by The Café

These treatments are not free, the appointment booker is responsible for payment.


Book your space here:

You are able to book your specific appointment and there will be 2 slots available for each time as there are two beauticians.

  • Please ensure you provide your mobile number and email address should we need to get in touch with you for any reason!
  • We fully understand that sometimes cancellations and no-shows are unavoidable however, where possible please let us know as soon as you are able to if you cannot make your appointment so we can try and fill the slot. Alternatively, if you are able to find someone to fill your appointment then please let us know and we can update our records
  • Due to our appointments being back to back please arrive promptly to your appointment. Unfortunately, if you arrive 10minutes late or more for your appointment we may be unable to carry out your desired service as it will impact all appointments after yours. Where possible, we will adapt the service or offer a different, shorter service if we can (for example you may have booked for a gel manicure but due to being late we can only offer a regular manicure as it is a shorter appointment time) however we cannot promise this

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